The Quarry

quarry garden kim hamblin

Quarry Garden, Spring 2013

The main feature of the farm is an ancient basalt quarry that we lovingly refer to as ‘The Quarry.’  The space is about 100′ wide and 100′ deep by 25′ tall and was most likely quarried around the turn of the century to use the rock in the railroad line that bisects the property.

The dream is for the entire space to have gardens that go up the walls of the quarry with drought tolerant, deer resistant and bee friendly plants.

Much has been accomplished in the last few years.  With the help of two backhoes, lots of hours from me (and some sweet volunteers) and my personal obsession with plants, it is coming together nicely!  The majority of the lower gardens around the perimeter of the walls are in and establishing themselves and I’ve started on the ‘second tier’ slowly moving up the hill, rearranging rocks and bringing in soil.

This is also the primary area where the Wildwood MusicFest and events happen.  There is a stage in bottom of the ‘U’ shape of The Quarry, a shaded lean 2, and an outbuilding housing the bar, a seating area and a wood fired kiln that has been transformed into a pizza oven.  On one side is a kid’s play area with a pirate ship and lots of grass and on the other is seating area, firepit and smoking area.  All surrounded by gardens!

Don’t worry, the cows aren’t normally in the Quarry, but the pictures
show the scale of the rocks. More pictures under the wedding and event & Wildwood Musicfest sections.

roshambo artfarm, kim hamblin

Cash Rinke in The Quarry

quarry, roshambo artfarm, kimhamblin

The Quarry Gardens

Quarry Garden, roshambo artfarm

Quarry Garden, Spring 2013

Aerial view of Quarry area

View of grounds area in quarry