Art+Science Cider+Wine

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Cash Rinke (with the help of Daddy) doing Punchdowns of the 2011 Syrah


Art+Science now has it’s very own website with lots of info on our products and farming paractices. Go check it out! 

We started our label with wine in 2011, the same year our son, Cash, was born. We started with a syrah and then added Pinot. In 2013 we began our venture into cider making and got hooked!

Dan Rinke is the ‘science’ of Art+Science and is in charge of the magical fermentation processes and the growing of the orchards.

Kim Hamblin is the artistic side and formally known as ‘artistic director’ and/or ‘head apple picker’ for Art+Science.

Cash is all of the above ‘in training.’

What started with a small endeavor to make something for fun has turned into a growing, successful business for which we are quite grateful.