About Us

Dan Rinke & Kim Hamblin photo by Chad Lanning

Dan Rinke & Kim Hamblin
photo by Chad Lanning

Dan Rinke:
Winemaker, farmer

Kim Hamblin:
Artist, Realtor

Cash Rinke:
Son & future everything

Roshambo ArtFarm


We are both midwesterners who migrated west, met by chance and fell in love in Oregon. With shared dreams and aspirations, we started Roshambo ArtFarm and Art + Science winery. Our plans of the farm our integrated into our lives together along with our son, Cash.

The name Roshambo ArtFarm was inspired by the meaning of roshambo, which means rock, paper, scissors. Since the main feature of the property is a rock quarry and Kim is a cut paper artist, we chose that as our name. Dan will take you on in a game of rock-paper-scissors if you come and visit!

Here is some footage from our wedding, held during the Wildwood MusicFest in the summer of 2013.  The officiant is Dan’s awesome brother, Erik Rinke. The music is lovingly provided by our friends, Rootjack.